This week is full of firsts. First week I’m on a detox, first day of my 30 day Ab Challenge with my big brother and friends from work, and my first post on my new blog -Feed the Love.

I already have a blog Bambola’s Kitchen where I showcase gluten free foods/drinks I’ve enjoyed making. However, I wanted a blog where I could discuss more than just food.  Although food is one of my favorite topics, I also enjoy talking about skin care, makeup, art, fashion, fitness, juicing, music, home, kitchen (yes it deserves its on category), family and random acts of kindness.

So about the detox – it’s called Wild Rose D-Tox designed by Dr. Terry Willard, and it’s a 12 day detox. Lots of the detox I’ve seen and tried has me starving to the point of fainting and puking. As a busy mommy with a full time job – ain’t nobody got time for that! I need to detox and have the strength to get through a busy, sometimes hectic day. Enter Dr. Willard’s detox.  Why detox? It’s a way to give your internal organs its due cleansing. The benefits are many. In fact, it’s recommended to detox at least twice a year. Most folks do it Spring and Fall. I’m currently on day 4 but more on my detox on a later post.

The 30 day Ab Challenge was brought to my attention through my brother. He emailed me yesterday with the plan (see it below) and immediate I said yes! 21 months ago I gave birth to a sweet baby girl and I still have weight around my abdominal I’d like to see gone! Then I decided to ask some friends at work, and sure enough they were in too.  The thing about Spring it’s a reminder that it’s time to get ready to bloom and shed our Winter skin because Summer is coming.